Our company has devised a scholarship program to encourage more drivers to attend school and obtain their Commercial Driving License (CDL). The program is premised on a symbiotic strategy, which helps us rope in the best drivers with suitable qualifications and simultaneously assists aspiring truckers in completing their CDL training without any financial obstacles. We pay a hundred percent of the tuition and books for Chattanooga State Community College and provide a conditional offer and contract from our company after the student completes their schooling.


America is abysmally understaffed in terms of qualified and competent truckers. The hour’s need is to create opportunities for young drivers to attain their CDL training, and our scholarship program is a move in that direction. It is no surprise that CDL training does not run cheap, as the average truck driving program can cost anywhere from USD 3000 to 10000. However, it is noteworthy to remember that a school’s fee is not proportional to the quality of training they offer. What matters most are the length of the training program and the school’s accreditation! We understand the financial brunt of opting for CDL training can be heavy, and we aim to mitigate the costs through our scholarship program.


We pay the full tuition fee for the CDL training at Chattanooga State Community College and promise a contractual job offer upon successfully completing the program. The CDL training at Chattanooga College is a seven-week program that teaches students to drive commercial trucks, focusing on driving skills, safe operating practices, and proper record keeping.


Job Security

Our scholarship program ensures that you will not have to worry about searching for a job after completing your CDL training. The employment contract associated with the scholarship program ensures that you can hit the road and start earning money as soon as you finish school. Furthermore, the best part is that there will be no student loans or debts, as we will pay for your tuition and books. Needless to say, it cannot get better than this!

Better Employability

There is a massive demand for truckers in contemporary America, and obtaining a CDL via our scholarship program is a move in the right direction. The certification opens up various career paths for you and helps you be adequately compensated.

Good Salary and Employment Benefits

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the starting salary of truck drivers is about USD 46000. A CDL complements the monetary benefits with other perks like health, dental, retirement plans, and paid vacations

Long-term Career Growth

Obtaining the CDL through our scholarship will not only provide you with immediate benefits, but you can also build a career premised on freedom, independence, and exploration. A CDL is the first step in creating a lucrative career in the trucking and transportation industry.

Opening Schedule

Thus, join us in the exciting endeavor where you learn and get the CDL certification from a recognized institution without compromising on your financial stability and job security.


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