We understand that finding a trucking job without real-world experience can be challenging. Likewise, there are several challenges in gaining tangible experience as a trucker. As such, we aim to help you overcome the obstacles in your trucking career with our four-week Buddy Program. It is a training program to provide qualified candidates with real-world skills and adeptness to excel in their careers as responsible truck drivers of America.


Our Buddy program is strategically designed to help put you on the road to a rewarding truck-driving career. We pair a new driver joining our company with a trucker with more than 20 years of experience. The goal is to ensure that the new members of our company can seamlessly imbibe practical skills, and safety comes naturally to them through vicarious learning. Since its inception, our Buddy program has set teams up for success. The combination of a driver with more than 20 years of experience and an aspiring trucker does wonders, as both parties absorb a lot of knowledge from each other. Our experienced truck drivers who act as ‘buddies’ offer guidance, motivation, and compassion and serve as the ideal role model for our new joiners.


  • Our four-week Buddy program has three phases –In the first stage, the new drivers work with their mentors locally for a week to learn the practical and theoretical techniques of safety, maintenance, communication, time adherence, etc.
  • In the second stage, our new joiners and their ‘buddies’ collaborate and cooperate over the work for a seamless on-field experience.
  • The third and final stage is related to specialized skills of dealing with different types of trucking services such as expedited trucking, dry van trailers, flatbed trucking, loading fragile and volatile substances, and likewise.

The Buddy Program lasts for four weeks, at the end of which the candidate is qualified to become a driver at our company. Moreover, all the candidates who go through the mentorship program are paid for their work.


Starting as a truck driver with no practical skills and zero experience can be daunting. However, we want our new joiners to have the support and accountability they deserve. When we hire drivers, we try our level best to help each trucker develop within our company and become financially independent. Thus, the Buddy program is a small step from our side to bolster our new members and provide them with the necessary tools to pioneer as truck drivers.

To become responsible truck drivers and act as the indispensable link in the supply chain of the American economy, our new recruits must be equipped with the optimal instruments to perform their duties with diligence. Thus, by pairing our new members with experienced truck drivers, we strive to sharpen your reliability, competency, and overall skills. In conclusion, by choosing to drive for our company, you become part of a thriving community where professionalism meets compassion and work meets fun.